god what the fuck let me inhabit your body please

looks like watercolor <3_<3

Pakayla Biehn takes photorealistic painting to a whole new level in her series Double Exposure.

About the project:

Building upon the double exposure theme of her previous works, Pakayla uses oil paint on canvas to present dream-like transfiguration of the natural world. The skill and refined beauty of her paintings enlists a realist style that recalls the delicacy, formality, and craftsmanship of old master techniques. She combines the cultivation of the portrait with a very intimate and vibrant observation of nature.


This is my water half sleeve.  Done by Dominic at Infinite Art Tattoo in Toledo Ohio.

uhhhg get out i want this so much

do want! i’d keep my heart in it.

oh i love, love, love his sleeves. so jealous.




This is my second tattoo. It comes from the movie “The Iron Giant.” One of my favorite movies, epitomizes my belief that we can be whoever we want to be no matter what other people see when they look at us. We were not made to be harmful.


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